That 'Entourage' Movie Nobody is Asking For is Coming Nonetheless

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Remember how you loved Entourage? And then you hated Entourage? And then you hate-watched Entourage and mocked it on Facebook? And then you just wanted it to end so you could stop wasting your Sunday night? Well, it's back. Only now you'll have to pay an extra $15 to see what happens. Deadline confirms that the long-in-development Entourage film has been greenlit. The HBO series, which followed film star Vinnie Chase, his bellicose Agent Ari Gold, their inner circle and all their hanger-ons, ran for eight seasons and made a huge star of Jeremy Piven's toupee.

The film will be written and directed by series creator Doug Ellin, who famously played the casting agent who earned Drama's wrath by texting on his phone during the actor's audition. No start date has been set but considering none of those actors seem to be up to anything these days I'm sure they'll be eager to start getting new residuals to live off of. So check out all the other Television Shows That Were Turned into Movies with their original casts in the gallery above and our favorite Ari Gold moments in the video below.

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