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Texas Chainsaw 3D Topples Django and Les Miz But How Did It Compare to These Other Horror Remakes of the Last Ten Years

There were more fans of Texas Chainsaw 3D this weekend than there were of a singing French girl or a badass freed slave with a six shooter. Or, at least there were more people willing to pay an inflated 3D ticket price vs. a Django matinee ticket. The number one movie over the weekend was not the major studio films Django Unchained or Les Miserables, but was inexplicably the latest installment in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake series.

People and cinephiles in general like to complain about all the remakes that have been rehashed by Hollywood over the last decade or so. Yet we keep giving our money hand over fist to see them. And in no other genre is this usually true than in horror where the film can be made cheaply, marketed easily and will most likely make its money back. It also helps that typically these movies star girls in their mid-20s wearing wholly inappropriate clothing for the climates their in. So while we must applaud Texas Chainsaw's opening weekend success, not all horror remakes exceed their expectations, so we take a look back at fifteen horror remakes of the decade to compare.

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