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Ten Films From Your Childhood You Didn't Realize Were Inappropriate for Any Child to Watch

Ah, a new year. Which for all of us means one thing: Another birthday, another candle on the cake, another year older (well, not me of course, though that painting of myself hanging in my closet is looking rather decrepit these days). But with adulthood comes certain revelations and realizations about childhood--Like finally figuring out why all those couples would come over to your parents' house and put their keys in a bowl before disappearing into the guest rooms. But most importantly, rewatching your favorite movies from childhood as an adult, you begin to piece together all new sorts of information about them.

Like remember that scene in Ghostbusters when Ray's pants are magically unzipped and then his eyes cross and he passes out. Yeah, that was him getting a BJ from a loose-lipped ghost. It's hard to look at Dan Aykroyd the same anymore. But the biggest revelation you have is that they don't make children's movies like they used to. Now it's usually The Rock in a tutu and wings or a CGI rabbit voiced by Russell Brand pooping out Easter eggs, but kids' movies used to have some serious bite and edge to them. Probably even too much. When you take a look back at these ten childhood favorites, you have to ask yourself why your parents even allowed you to watch them in the first place.

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