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Stripper Snaps Pole During A Show With Her Thighs, Makes Daddy Proud

When I've been to a booby show at the local strip emporium I have often wondered if the girls ever get hurt. I mean, not the ones who half-heartedly shake on stage in order to support their coke habit. No, I'm talking about the gals who do tricks, (heh, heh), like twirling down the pole with only their legs or do back flips. Those stripper stages are slick with baby oil and despair and are accidents waiting to happen. It's also important to check your equipment. Take the young lady in this video. She did not inspect the large brass pole she was supposed to swing down from in a hula and pole show. Unfortunately, it seems like the segments of the pole weren't screwed in properly. When I got my useless degree in theater, they told us to always check the sets and props before using them. I don't know what they taught this girl in stripper college but it obviously wasn't safety.

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