Shauna Sand Swings Her Chest Moons Over Miami in a Dress I Bet She Didn't Know Was So Revealing

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I'll say this for the vaguely famous Shauna Sand, she's never dull. I mean, if she's not banging away on a public beach or flashing her cheeks in a walk down the boulevard or flashing skin at some children's civic event, she's, well, she's letting it almost all hang out when traversing South Beach, either looking for something, or just waiting to be photographed by somebody. And, I suppose that strategy did work.

The thing about boobs is their inner magnet will attract the tiny, but powerfully drawn metallic bits speckled into the eyeballs of every man on this planet. It's not that we want to look, it's that we have to, it's a basic law of physics. And with Shauna Sand, those are some big effin' magnets. Enjoy.

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