Selena Gomez Causing Leaking Nozzles Everywhere With Hot Leg Display

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Once upon a time I promised myself I'd never share photos of celebrities pumping gas. But, for every rule there is an exception (though not according to Fr. Domino who used to whack me but good with a wooden object while insisting the opposite) and Selena Gomez in knee high socks, is, for me, an exception to most every rule.

Since dropping the 110-pound anchor that has been weighing around her neck for almost two years now, Selena Gomezjust keeps getting hotter and hotter, and that includes wearing a leg revealing outfit as she pumps, not quite successfully, her own gas at the station. While we can't help but imagine covering Selena with our own carbon-based liquids (okay, that's a reach), we would gladly offer to check her oil with our... oh, never mind. The point is, we do so lust Selena Gomez. With The Devil's Midget out of the way, this is prime time. Enjoy.

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