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Rosa Acosta Insists Upon Proper Oral Hygiene In Her Date Night Disaster (VIDEO)

Let's face it, men are pigs. And I don't mean that in a way that a self-entitled bratty sex positive feminist says it at a rally of girls burning their bras, I mean it like a dude who owns it with the knowledge that men and women are created differently, and that we can either deride the opposite gender for their God-given instincts, or we can relish in the distinctions and all the possibilities that presents. Viva la difference, as my Frenchy friends would say.

Having declared our own pride in swine-hood, we still must say, there are a few dirtier habits that no member of the species ought to take up, a line in the hygienic sand that more important than even your own personal health, is sure to cost you the grand opportunity of getting lucky with one super fine lady like Latina model Rosa Acosta.

Find out what Rosa's date did, or didn't do, that cost him a vist to the land of milk and honey, in Rosa's Date Night Disaster.

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