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Real Men Get Ink'd: Serious Joker, Star Wars Calvin & Hobbes, and an Arnie Tattoo

Skull and crossbones tattoos are so overrated these days. We're living in the day and age where there's nothing wrong about geekery meeting badassness and vice versa. In fact, it's even encouraged. This mishmash is emphasized in the things that dudes are having inked on their arms, legs, torsos, and wherever else the needle can piece.

The coolest tats are usually the ones with original concepts, and that's why a Calvin & Hobbes (as Chewie and Han) made the cut. We also appreciate a bit of realism now and then, which is what the Serious Joker and Arnie tattoos are all about. We've also got a neat-looking Princess Zelda tattoo and Mega Man sleeve thrown into that gallery somewhere, so check it out and tell us which one's your favorite.

More awesome inks at Everything Tattoo on Reddit.

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