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Pokeball Bra: What's Pokin'?

Before anything else: I know, I know, this isn't gear that guys can actually use for themselves, in the strictest sense of the word. Unless, you know, bras are your thing. But seriously, you know what these would be perfect for? Your girlfriend, your friends-with-benefits friend, or your wife, if you're already hitched.

The thing is, this Pokeball Bra is just too good of a find not to share. If you played Pokemon before and I'm assuming that you did, then you must know what the urgency to collect them all feels like. You won't be able to collect much aside from what's going to be filling up the cups of the Pokeball bra, although I assure you that they'll probably be more than enough. It won't be much of a surprise either, but I guarantee you that you'll like it.

These are customized underwear that are made to order by Etsy seller Neon Wonderland, who we assume is also the one modeling the rhinestone-encrusted bras.

Gift It: $70

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