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Pete Rose Struggling to Come to Terms with Fiancee's Breast Reduction

Poor Pete Rose. No, I'm not talking about baseball, I'm talking about the 71-year-old's fiancee's decision to get her breasts reduced. It seems Rose is still having a hard time accepting that it happened. Pete and former Playboy model Kiana Kim are set to star in a new reality series, Hits and Mrs. (clever!) and during a lunch with reporters about the show, this exchange happened:

He leans toward Kiana and asks, "What do we call those things, 'His and Hers'?"

"Huh?" she says.

He drops his eyes.

"Oh, 'The Sisters?' " Uppercase, proper noun-like.

Pete nods. Seems Kiana had breast reduction surgery five months ago and it didn't sit well with the new old man.

"I was used to them for 4 ½ years," Pete pleads, "and all of a sudden we aren't going to have them no more."

He sighs.

"It's no problem," he continues sadly. "She's still bigger than most girls."

She rolls her eyes playfully. Cassie stares into her iPhone. The elderly lady across the table tries desperately to hold her smile.

"Like I was taking candy from him," Kiana says. "He was really upset. Now he's used to it. He maybe forgets."

Tough. If you want to see what Pete's life is like these days, the show premieres Monday on TLC. But even more sad than Pete's struggles over the loss of his future wife's ginormous rack, is that he apparently eats Subway for dinner every night.

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