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Pamela Anderson Boob Fall Out on British National TV; Nobody Cares Really So Much

Dancing on Ice. I can't possibly think of a show title that sounds more like something I would never watch, short of threat of electrical shock to the ball-bearing region, and even then, we'd have to discuss amperage before I swayed to lay eyes upon folks dressed up and dancing on frozen water.

But the Britty folks sure do love it, and inviting cast-off American celebrities to come skate-dance on their frigid H20 on national TV; sluggish celebs such as Pamela Anderson, who brought her low cut outfit and let some brave dude bend her to and fro until her covered teat flew out of her dress a few times, much to the not so much shock and awe of pearl-clutching old ladies across the British Isles. It was a non-thing thing. But then they voted Pam off the show. Which I suppose makes sense. Because of her teat spill. And the fact that she can't dance or skate. Enjoy.

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