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No More Jangling: Keyflip Keeps Your Keys Handy, Plus a Bottle Opener

It doesn't matter whether you're out past curfew or crawling back home wasted. The only thing that matters is getting into the house without waking the people inside. This is a hard feat to accomplish especially if you're wasted (which you probably are.) So if you're planning more great escapes nights out with the boys and want to avoid pissing off the girlfriend by waking her up, you need to get the Keyflip.

So what's the Keyflip? Let's backtrack a little.

First of all, we've already identified the culprit as the jangling sound made by the keys on your keychain, right? I mean, it's definitely not your non-soberness or inability to come home earlier or skip the weekday parties--because after all, life's too short to spend not being wasted. So this is where the Keyflip can help you out. It's basically a keychain with the build of a Swiss Army knife.

You can attach up to four keys and simply slide out the one you need to get through the door. No jangling, no hanging, and no unwanted sounds. Oh, and did I mention that it's also got a bottle opener on the other end? Heck, you can even use it to open your canned drinks if your fingers are too fat to pop that top open the normal way.

It's crazy how one thing helps you get wasted and get into your house unnoticed. Neat-o!

Own It: $33

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