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Nicole Kidman Turns On the Turning On Powers for The Hollywood Reporter

Funny enough, Intern Kristina and I were just talking the other day about how Nicole Kidman has kind of lost her oomph of late, not quite the leading lady looks she held for so very long. I don't know, maybe she's just kind of tired from her crazy-ass schedule and mommy dudies, or maybe she's tired of people just checking her out for her good looks (heaven forbid), but it's been a drought no doubt for one of our veteran hotties with some of the most powerfully point nips in all of Hottieville.

But, now, Nicole is back, with a sextastic vengeance, in a promotional photoshoot by Ruven Afandor for the Hollywood Reporter, and she looks hella hot. Granted, there's lights and makeup and a little touching up, but, still, we are deeply reminded of our original lust for Nicole by seeing her all hot and lounging in this pictorial. See if you don't feel a little rekindling of the Kidman tingles yourself. Enjoy.

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