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NES Lunch Box: For Old-School Gamers and Their Grub

The Nintendo Entertainment System was undoubtedly the highlight of my childhood. It was undoubtedly one of the awesomest video game consoles ever made, and a lot of memories and high scores were made and recorded on this one system alone. It was eventually replaced by the likes of Sony's PlayStation and the Xbox, but early gamers will always remember where they began their gaming journey.

Working NES systems are hard to find these days. Non-working ones? They're pretty easy to find; just check the recycling center and you'll find heaps. They're pretty much useless if you can't power them up anymore--or are they?

Luke Blackford proves that there's treasure to be found even in stuff you can't use. He took out the insides of an old, broken NES system, lined the insides with vinyl tape, and attached a suitcase handle on one end to transform it into the Ultimate Lunchbox for Cool Kids (or Geek Gamers, however you want to be called.)

Own It: $95

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