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Cameraman Gives Reporter an Early Look at What the Packers did to the Vikings

It what turned out to be an eerily prophetic look at things to come for the Minnesota Vikings, a local cameraman unloaded on a female reporter doing a live shot before Minnesota and Green Bay kicked off on Saturday. Lee Valsvik was doing a report from a restaurant, presumably to give the locals some ideas on grilling salmon to dine on during the broadcast. Salmon is the official seafood of Wild Card Weekend, and if it isn't, it should be.

As Valsvik was talking to the bartender, excuse me, mixologist, they discussed playing football in the rooftop restaurant. Though Valsvik playfully jokes that she's not the one who's going to get trouble, she definitely was the one who got in trouble. The cameraman catches a pass from the mixology major, and darts straight toward his camera and he doesn't care who's in the way. That who, of course, is Valsvik and he drives his shoulder right through her, sending her toppling over a table to the ground. No word on if the camera guy actually got in the endzone, but thankfully Valsvik was okay, as she yelled 'I'm okay!' from the ground. I just wonder why the camera guy doesn't like her.

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