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Mikie Hara Plants Cleavetastic Images in Our Tokyo Dreams

Oh, don't think for a second the new year has swayed us one iota from our religious like mission to bring you the best of the hottest of the Asian celebrities and models. Because, you all do seem to revel in them. And, because, I know we do here. There's something special about these supremely fine women from the Far East previously lacking from our daily inventory of sextastic celebrities.

How could we possibly not share the likes of Japanese model and actress, Mikie Hara, just one boobtastically well-designed 25-year old, with the cleavage of a goddess and the allure of a mythical creature far more naughty in intent and purpose. I can't imagine there's a teen boy in Japan who hasn't imagined doing the laundry with Mikie. Just wicked hot. Enjoy.

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