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Mezhgan Hussainy Bikini Pictures Remind Us How Much We Love Hot Bodied Woman (and How Little We Like Simon Cowell)

Okay, granted, we don't truly know Simon Cowell, and, we would never begrudge another brother his chance to pluck all the fruit off the sextastic tree he can handle, and/or pay for at the checkout, but, still, getting able to hang with an ex-fiance like Mezghan Hussainy on your yacht harbored off the coast of St. Barts for an extended holiday, well, I want that!

I mean, I could even skip the yacht part, and the St. Bart's part, and move directly to the hot boobtastic bikini body of Mezhgan Hussainy, in multiple swimsuits, feeding me grapes and cherries to get my strength up for round seventeen of the making of the sexy time over a passion-filled weekend. And it's not as if Simon Cowell isn't pulling model tail in betwixt his make-up bangs with Mezhgan.

Yes, jealousy is the green-eyed monster. A low, unfortunate, and dismal feeling. So, let's just call this 'wanting to swap lives with another man for just one day', a little Quantum Leap if you will, right into the arms (and other body parts thereof) of the heavenly curved form of Mezhgan Hussainy. Enjoy.

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