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Manti Te'o And Family Work Up 'Crying Game' Performance for Katie Couric (VIDEO)

What struck me in the Manti Te'o interview with Katie Couric, even more so than Manti repeating a whole heaping steamload of well-rehearsed scandal recovery mode lines, up to and including, 'so, kids, pay attention to your parents' (thanks Hulk Hogan Te'o, you're the best), was the waterworks that erupted from Manti, and his parents, during the course of the interview. I mean, that shit is some serious Oscar worthy performance right there.

Now, I'm not saying that mom and dad don't love their little linebacker, and those tears aren't the tears parents shed for their kids just because they effin' love their kid so much, but, let's also be honest, at best, Manti lied to his school, his teammates, his parents, the media, and probably some other people we're forgetting, and, at worst, well, somebody needs to see The Crying Game on DVD. Check it out.

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