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Makes You Dumb and Dumber: Kia Explains Where Babies Come From (VIDEO)

If you've got a kid who's asking about the birds and the bees, then don't refer to this insanely stupid Kia Super Bowl ad for advice. It's obviously stupid on purpose, but I was a kid once myself and I remember what it felt like to be told some shit story about where babies come from. Only, I didn't know it was shit until biology class and it was extremely embarrassing to be one of the two or three kids in the class who didn't actually know what went down...

Pun intended.

So if you're a responsible parent who doesn't want to damage your parent-to-child relationship this early on, please come up with a PG version of the truth and get creative. Just don't tell them that babies come from a planet in outer space called Babylandia. Now that's just lame.

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