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Leilani Dowding Flashes Her Taut Tummy Post Workout (We Drift Off Into Fantasy)

God bless the maker of yoga pants, the designer of modern women's workout gear, and Leiliani Dowding for bringing it all together in one amazing package of hot bodied goodness.

Now, we have one helluva crush on the former Miss Great Britain, not just because she's a key member of our Eurasian fantasy hottie team, and not just because we'd like to play a game of quarters on her flat stomach, but mostly because ever since she mentioned to us that she went to Catholic school, well, our girls naughty locker room dreams have been working over time.

A little bit of perversion is healthy. And a lot of perversion is Egotastic! And we blame it all on just how skintight and perfect Leilani looks after her workouts. Enjoy.

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