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Kim Kardashian Cleavage Not Going Down Without a Fight

Remember that great aunt of yours with the round belly and the oversized bosom that would suck you into hear chest at the holidays, where you were certain you were about to draw your last breath. It's amazing you can still have motorboat desires after such childhood traumas. My great aunt Edna would clutch you tight to her 38FFFs and you might not come out for a week, and it was no picnic, let me tell you, I mean, outside of the sandwich crumbs you'd find in there for sustenance.

Such is the anticipated future of porn star Kim Kardashian, the money making merchandisable female element at the center of the Kardashian Family Mafia, now carrying the child presumably of rap star Kanye West, a man not her husband, and preparing to blow up like a Princess Jasmine balloon in the Macy's Day Parade. So, what to do? What to do? Well, cut out a section of your dress to flash your still epic and growing cleave and distract the general public from the multi-million dollar offspring of questionable lineage in the nether regions. And, you know what? It works. Enjoy.

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