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Kickstartin' Monday: Watch this MMA Fighter Roundhouse Kicking Some Raw Eggs (VIDEO)

Mondays suck. Having to go back to work after an awesome weekend of parties is obviously no fun. Unfortunately, it's one of the realities of life that we all have to face every Monday of the week. So to make up for that in a totally weird and unrelated way, we're going to be kickstarting Monday the only way we know how: with a whole load of crazy!

Those of you who are into the MMA know full well who Anthony Pettis is. Those of you who don't will probably know him as 'the guy who roundhouse-kicked a bunch of raw eggs' after you check out the video clip above which has been given the title: Fighter versus Food. Yeah, as if we don't know who'll win that battle. (Oh, wait, the fighter wins? I always thought it'd be the food...)

So enough chatter and let's get on with it! You will never, and I mean never, look at Anthony Pettis the same again. (But damn, those are some pretty awesome kicks!)

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