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'Kick-Ass 2' Reminds Us About the DIY Superhero Movies

The superhero craze is alive and well these days, thanks in large part to big budget blockbusters like, The Dark Knight Trilogy, the Spiderman franchise and The Avengers. But there's another group of crime-fighters that stand out from these high-octane comic book characters - the DIY superheroes.

And unlike Batman or Iron Man, these vigilantes are not exceptionally wealthy or particularly gifted in fighting. In fact, there's nothing really super about them. They basically just fight crime as best they can, and put on a homemade costume because, well, a flying suit of armor is a luxury most can't afford.

Nevertheless, these Everyday Joes carry on, willing to risk their lives in order to save their neighborhood and city. Even though they probably shouldn't because they lack the necessary skills and good intentions can only do so much, but, hey, it makes for a fun film, right?

So here is a first look at the set of Kick-Ass 2 and Other Movies withOrdinary Superheroes:

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