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Katy Perry Red White and Boobtastic for the Children at D.C. Inaugural Event

Let's start by saying, this was an event related to military service and so we are not in any way disparaging the event dubbed the 'Children's Party' in Washington over the weekend where Katy Cocktease flashed her cleavage in patriotic colors galore as she pranced about and sang her little ditties in celebration of the Presidential Inauguration.  However, we do often wonder if Katy Cocktease has a middling area when it comes to costumes, not that we're complaining when it comes to her appearances for grown ups (albiet her typical concert goer is quite the young lady, and my friend Tubby Atkins, who probably ought to be arrested at some point).

Still, there was no denying that American pride was in the air, along with a few dads up in the rafters trying to look down Katy's top, as excitement builds and builds over the inauguration, which is any time now I'm told, and I fully intend to catch, or maybe get a recap on, after a little couch nap time. Enjoy.

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