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Kate Upton Pimping Shoes With B/W Hotness

I really don't get women's shoes advertising. And this comes from a dude who once spent several months jamming size eight women's dogs into size seven shoes in the name of vanity and sales commissions. With men's shoes, they show you a picture of the shoe, you like it or you don't. With women's shoes, you have to have the whole outfit, the scenery, the ambience. It's not just a shoe, it's a major life and lifestyle decision. Like moving to Cleveland. Or changing genders. It's just a shoe.

Having said that, with Kate Uptonon your tab for modeling, you sure as hell better show more than just feet (not that we couldn't spend a few happy hours perusing the blonde bombshell's perfect pedals) as the good folks at Sam Edelman footwear have figured out in this brief, but must-see promotional photo set of Kate Upton in black and white.

Yet another sextastic look from the girl we'd like to someday call our FWB. Enjoy.

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