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JustMount Makes It Easy to Mount Your iPhone on the Wall

"Dude, where's my phone?" "I don't know, I didn't touch it!" "I saw you using it, give it back!" "You're nuts, that was my phone!" Someone pokes their head into the room. "Hey, whose phone is this?"

Major oops moment right there. Don't let it happen to you! Or if it already has--then don't let it happen to you again! Most people put their phones on silent mode for one reason or the other, and it's all fine and dandy until the phone itself actually goes missing. Countless hours have already been wasted by forgetful or absent-minded people all over the world, and looking to curb that is JustMount.

It's an extremely convenient wall mount that magnetizes your iPhone to the wall. No slots, no pockets, no docks, and certainly no clips or weird harnesses. The JustMount is basically a huge magnet that won't mess with the data on your phone. Fasten it in your foyer or hall so you can mount it the moment you get home or grab it and go when you leave your pad. You'll need the TidyTilt+ case to magnetize your phone, though, but other than that, you'll be all set.

Get the Duo: $45

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