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Joanna Krupa Parties Hot in Vegas To Ring Out the Old Year

If you took on Sin City for New Year's Eve, well, you're probably not going to be awake for another three days or so. But you may have encountered Polish-American beauty Joanna Krupa, whose alleged hooking past came to light in 2012 as she made her transition from hottie model to TV personality on the Real Housewives of Miami. Hey, we're all worked hard for the money before, just be glad that the harsh eye of fame hasn't caught your skeletons in the closet yet.

But, back to Joanna, who remains one of our simply favorite looking ladies in this hemisphere, decked out for holiday time in Vegas, pimping some club or another, and reminding us that the biggest gambles in life aren't found at any felt-lined table, but in our relations with the opposite sex. Okay, so I'm throwing in a little personal bias there after a rough NYE. Enjoy.

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