Joanna Krupa Bikini Pictures Kickstart the New Year With Sweet Sweet Bikini Body Goodness

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Bring it on 2013. We're ready for your full year of celebrity sextastic. I mean, we're ready now that our rather epic hangover lingers no longer thanks to a little hair of the dog that bit us, literally, a Schnauzer, little fucker, we're neither rabid nor bitter, just committed to even greater showings of skin in the Lucky '13, including the unveiled likes of Joanna Krupa, who will become an even more popular figure in the U.S. this year, and with a body like hers, certainly well deserving.

Joanna took the opportunity of New Year's Day to flex and strut her ridiculously hot body across the sands of Miami Beach, where every body that is an amazing body has been showing off their wares the past couple of weeks. And in her little turquoise number, Joanna stood out just fine to the many beach oglers and shoreline starers who are indulging in mass quantities of epic body delights this winter in South Florida. Yes, Joanna is going place, in this moment, straight to our vault of naughty thoughts. Enjoy.

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