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Jessica Alba Bikini Alert! MILFtastic Jessica Flashes Hot Mommy Bikini Body South of the Border

Somebody ought be thanking their lucky stars, or bowing down to their higher power, or just plain smiling their arses off this morning because we've got the rare sighting of the uber-sextastic Jessica Alba hottie mama in a bikini at the celebrity Cabo resort where we keep a team of sharpshooting cameramen in the palm tree line 24x7. But we never expected this.

Sorry be the man who views these photographs discreetly on his tablet today during a boring business meeting, because you might not be able to explain your sudden embarrassment from the natural reaction of seeing Jessica Alba doing a very rare flash of her still incredibly sweet body beneath the Mexican sol. Still wicked hot, one of the formerly most sextastic young women in Tinsel Town, now one of the most sextastic moms of multiple offspring, the amazingly alluring Fertile Myrtle just floats our boat to the point of explosion.

We rarely get to see Jessica showing more than a ten foot long scarf wrapped eighty-five times around her body as if she's preparing for an ancient Egyptian after-life, and, now, this. Oh, blessed days.

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