Jeisa Chiminazzo Sultry Sextastic Throwback in La Perla Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

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We love it when we get to meet a new Brazilian hottie model. It's like opening a newly discovered door to an exotic world called 'sextastic' and exploring all the previously uncatalogued flora and fauna, or, you know, T&A of the most extraordinary variation.

Jeisa Chiminazzo is just such a new delicate flower, a Brazilian beauty and lingerie model, in a quite nice throwback classic look for La Perla lingerie and their Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Kind of takes me back to my living in an old world mansion with a supermodel days. Okay, those days never happened, but I dream that someday it would be my reality. And I can see Jeisa fitting in there quite nicely, dressed just as she is in this memorable photo series. Enjoy.

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