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J.J. Hickson Dunked on Alonzo Gee So Bad, Gee Could Only Shake His Head

When the dunkee can only shake his head and smirk after the dunker unloads on him, you know it was good. Portland's J.J. Hickson left Cleveland's Alonzo Gee in that position last night and it was just filthy.

Two minutes into the second half of the Cavs' surprising win in Portland, the Blazers were out on the break with Hickson trailing in the middle. Gee gets in front of of Hickson just as he's catching the ball and Gee has no time to set his feet and really get some power in his jump. The product of that bad timing is Gee barely getting off the ground and Hickson just throwing it down with two hands right in Gee's face. At least Gee wasn't too worse for the wear.

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