Is This the Sexiest, Nipple-pokiest Vintage Nintendo Gamer Girl You’ll See Today? Yes. Yes She is (VIDEO)

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The ultimate panty 'shot.' Look ma, we made a pun!

When broaching the subject of ‘sexy games’, we’d venture that your delightful deviant minds conjure up Jell-O/mud and faux-wrestling buxom ladyfolk. Or discarded panties and a rigged poker deck. (If none of the aforementioned options are applicable, check that the gonads swinging merrily in your tightie-whities are switched to the on position.) One title you would not consider sextacular is Nintendo’s lightgun ballache and general heap of horsecrap from the eighties: Duck Hunt.

Fortuitously, Ain’t Trolling is here to raise an alluring middle finger at skeptical oglers everywhere. Her latest creation, skimpily titled Gamer Girl, delivers all the imaginary gaming credentials, ancient console paraphernalia and -this is key- finely-toned asstastic we gentlemen need. Is she legimitately playing Duck Hunt? Is there even a television in the vicinity? Do we give a rat’s ass?

To answer those queries: no, presumably no, and very, very no.