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If 'Cloud Atlas' Wasn't Atlasy Enough and 'Inception' Wasn't Inceptiony Enough, There's the 'Upside Down' Trailer

Everywhere you look these days there's a dystopia. Apparently, according to pop culture, in the future we're all f*cked. Last year we had The Hunger Games and well, now there's Upside Down, a trippy looking sci-fi flick from 'visionary' director Juan Digo Solanas (so says the trailer) starring Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst about two people who live in a solar system where their respected planets share the same atmosphere on top of each other with one's gravity going up and the other going down. And I guess people from one world are considered inferior and can't fall in love for some reason.

Anyway, Sturgess falls in love with Dunst, has to figure out how to manipulate the gravitation fields of both planets in order to find her, etc, etc, etc. Storywise it looks like it's been done a million times before (Gattaca, In Time, etc), but the visuals are mighty impressive and any time Sturgess starts getting all gravitationally superior I get pretty into it.

Upside Down opens March 25th.

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