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Hasbro Wants Facebook User to Come Play Monopoly: The Schindler's List Edition

Because kids today don't find Monopoly sexy enough, board game and toy company Hasbro has decided to update its classic game of real estate speculation and capitalist greed by offering Facebook users to vote on which of its timeless game tokens will be unceremoniously voted off the island and replaced with either 'a diamond ring, guitar, toy robot, cat or helicopter' because that's what kids want nowadays...a tiny aluminum cat to pass Go with.

I understand that a thimble or wheelbarrow may not very well resonate with modern players, but is a diamond ring or guitar really going to get people to buy an entirely new edition of Monopoly. I've been playing (and eventually losing interest without a clear winner) with the same damn board, cards and paper money since I was five. And a diamond ring token to constantly remind my girlfriend that I haven't put one on her finger yet is not about to entice me to shell out whatever inflated price the game goes for nowadays.

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