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Grand Theft Auto V Waiting Until September to Wow You

The bad news is Grand Theft Auto V isn't coming out until September 17, 2013. The good news is....*crickets* There's nothing good about a blockbuster being delayed, plain and simple. The one silver lining, perhaps, is that at least it's not being canceled. But this is a GTA title and those things don't get canceled just like a Peter Jackson Middle Earth movie would never be canceled. It's as automatic as it gets. This timing now suggests there will be a big push of media and coverage over the summer leading up to the release, rather than being jammed into the next few months for its original May release. Also consider that by September we'll have a lot more information on the next Playstation and next Xbox and Grand Theft Auto V on the PS3 and Xbox 360 will be wading right into that mix. Should be interesting.

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