Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week: Where Sweaty Bikini Bodies and Nintendo-Branded Drinking Games Make News

Lo, we have survived the first week of January. Perhaps the dense alcohol cloud that’s been malevolently hovering over our heads -like thunder in cartoons- since Monday night has dissipated. If this is the case, the impending weekend is a wondrous time to replenish our blood-alcohol levels; doctors say that shit is paramount to our health.
Not credible and/or certified ones, but some do.

Let us, then, celebrate the first weekend of 2013 in the manner or forefathers intended: passed out prostate on somebody’s driveway, with piss running down our pantlegs and one middle-finger feebly raised at the Grim Reaper you imagine is hauling ass toward you.

In the interim, though, let’s thrust the Dagger of Crazy into the working week’s manplums once more. Dead Space 3 utilizing Kinect to register your swearing, pervtastic sweaty-lady game mods and more wonderment awaits in the gallery.

Kotaku brings us the sweat-tastic mod, Nintendoland drinking games and swear-infused shenanigans with Dead Space 3.