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GameStick is a Video Game Console in a Stick (VIDEO)

You might have  heard by now that Sony has pulled the plug on the PlayStation 2. But don't waste too much time mourning, because there's a new video game console in the works and so far, it looks and sounds pretty amazing. It's called the GameStick and aside from some exciting features, it's also probably one of the smallest gaming consoles in existence.

Like I said, the GameStick is an entire console in a stick. It's so small that the stick can actually fit inside the controller that it comes with. It's going to come with an open platform, so it's easy for developers to tweak and come up with new games for the system.

GameStick is also going to run on the Android operating system, which means that there are already hundreds of thousands of games that are compatible with it in the Android app market. The console is up for funding on Kickstarter, where it has already met its funding goal. But you can still get in on the action and make a pledge to get your very GameStick bundle.

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