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Evidence That "Indiana Jones 4" Might Have Been Right Even Though It Still Sucks.

Archaeologists in Mexico have discovered a cache of ancient skeletons in Mexico that display strange skull formations. The tomb is thought to be about a thousand years old. In Mesoamerica it was not uncommon for certain tribal groups to practice skull binding. When a baby is born, before the fontanel closes, they slowly shaped the skull into a weird oblong oval shape. At least, that's what the archaeologists are saying. Obviously, these guys were not educated by Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. If the abomination that is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull taught us anything it's that alien creatures came to ancient America thousands of years ago and taught the Indians how to build pyramids and grow maize or whatever. Can it be that craptastic movie was correct and that somewhere in Mexico there is a buried spaceship? Maybe. Next we'll find out that you really can survive a nuclear blast by hiding  inside a fridge.

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