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Emily Ratajkowski Bikini Pictures Set a New High Watermark in Burger Chain Promotional Sextastic

Editor's note: some or all of the media previously associated with this post has been modified or removed pursuant to request from Carl's Jr. 

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Consider us big fans of both the better fast food chain burgers and their new found love for using some of the hottest women on the planet to ravenously consume their product while wearing very little in some of the most sextastic commercials being produced these days.

And, now consider the ridiculously underrated goodness of Emily Ratajkowski, who joined Sara Jean Underwood in a commercial spot for Carl's Jr's Memphis BBQ Burger last year, and whose promotional bikini photos from that same production we can now view in all their tingle-inducing full-frontal barely-covering two-piece excellence. Damn!

If Emily Ratajkwoski is not on your Top 10 list of girls you'd like to hang with in the backseat of the Drive-In theater that closed down a decade ago, why not? Enjoy.

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