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Egotastic! Style: Skinny Fatties Takes the Fat Out of Your Ties

If you're like most guys, then you most likely only go out and buy ties once every five years. That's understandable, considering the fact that ties are closet staples and don't really go out of style in a major way--until now, that is. Up until a few years ago, fat ties were okay. In fact, they were the norm.

But the era of fat ties has passed and we're well into the period where thin ties are what's in.

It wouldn't make much sense to throw out all the fat ties you currently have in your closet because that's just downright wasteful. Buying a crapload of new, thin ties isn't a very valid option, either, unless you happen to be loaded. The solution? Get your old ties altered. You can find a local atelier who can do the job for you, or send them off to Skinny Fatties if you don't know any place that can do it for you.

The Brooklyn-based Skinny Fatties will take your fat tie and trim it down into a thin tie that'll instantly turn you from old-school laughingstock to new-age cool. You get to specify how many inches you want chopped off from your tie and choose whether you want it to have flat or pointed ends as usual.

Style Up: $30

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