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Egotastic! Sextastic Female Kaepernicking Photo Contest! Win Money! Become Famous!

Just this morning I saw a girl Kaepernicking right as I walked past her. Okay, so maybe she was flipping me the bird, again, but this Kaepernicking craze has caught on but good with the 49ers QB now headed to the Super Bowl, and re-perfecting the move of the slight genuflect with the bicep almost-kiss.

Now, ladies, we want you to send us your sexiest Kaepernicking photo. On Monday of Super Bowl week (as in, one week from today) our staff will pick our 12 hottest submitted Kaepernicking photos and post them up for readers to vote. Please, no actual nudity in the photos. I mean, you can send those to me privately if you like, you just can't win the contest with them. But be creative!

On Thursday before the Super Bowl, highest vote total will win a $300 Amazon Gift Card. Also, you'll be famous, but you can't buy a sweet Valentine's Gift with fame, so take the winnings.

To submit, email your unmarked .jpg, max 2MB in size and include the name you'd like us to use on the photo to KaepernickPhoto at  All entries must be received by this coming Sunday, January 27. Enter now. Win money. Become famous.

P.S. We asked our friend Diana Falzone to give us her best Kaepernicking photo. We loved her effort. We didn't have the heart to tell her that Colin Kaepernick is right-handed.


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