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ESPN's Ed Werder Takes a Shot at Andy Reid Over His Weight During Report

Former Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid has agreed to become the next head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs; that news just came out this morning. Before that though, ESPN was of course covering the Reid story with longtime reporter Ed Werder. Werder, for whatever reason, decided to make a fat joke about Reid during one of his reports.

While reporting that Chiefs' brass had left Philadelphia without Reid, Werder mused that maybe Reid wasn't with them because he 'might put the plane over its weight limit.' Ha! Andy Reid is fat! Werder missed his calling as a standup comedian, obviously. Now we just have to wait for the scripted apology. I guess it's possible that Werder and Reid are buddies and this is something that they like to joke about, but even if that were the case, I doubt jabbing Reid over his body mass is something that ESPN execs want their reporters to do on-air.

Plus, Werder stumbles over his next words after the weight blast, as if he just realized he probably shouldn't have said it. Yeah, he probably got called into the principal's office for that.

h/t Ride The Pine for the video

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