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Ebert May Review 'Django Unchained' the Movie, But South Central Reviews 'Django Unchained' the Toy (VIDEO)

Looks like that cool, hip slave owner and house slave action figure combo pack you were going to buy your nephew for his birthday next week has been discontinued. As TMZ reports, after heavy protests from several advocacy groups, the Weinstein Company has halted production of it's line of Django Unchained toy dolls.

Are the toys racist or offensive? For one thing, they're really not meant for kids to play with but as collectibles for fans of the Quentin Tarantino film. But considering how controversial the film became for its use of the n-word and its depiction of slavery in the United States just before the dawn of the Civil War, it's understandable that some people might find the decision to make toys based on the characters inflammatory. To find out what local communities think, those irreverent folks over at ScreenJunkies took the toys down to South Central, LA (familiar to any Boyz in the Hood fans out there) and asked local residents to review the toy line. Enjoy.

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