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DmC Devil May Cry Strikes Back Against Big Banks in Latest Trailer (VIDEO)

The idea that a bank executive is secretly a demon with little mini-demons working around him and all of them doing mean, demon-like things to their banking customers probably isn't a tough sell these days. That DmC Devil May Cry offers us a new kind of hero in Dante who will right all of those wrongs and disrespect those banking-demons right where they operate.

In this latest trailer for DmC Devil May Cry we get a taste of Dante doing what he does best: strutting like John Travolta in a music video, doubling up on the pistols and using his fancy sword to slay demonic entities. For what it's worth, those hotties with whom the banker is cavorting didn't have me fooled at all. I saw their transformations coming a mile away. Mini dresses in a bank vault? Come on.

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