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DmC Devil May Cry Amuses You with New Raw Gameplay Clip (VIDEO)

Have you ever gone to a beach side amusement park and felt like something was just a bit off? That's because there were probably demons just on the other side of limbo messing around with the midway games and rollercoaster controllers. After watching this raw gameplay clip of DmC Devil May Cry you'll come away a believer as well. Dante is slaughtering demons right near a giant tilting merry-go-round thing that apparently is damaging to our supernatural hero. That explains why I always feel queasy when I go on one of those things...19 times in a row. There are totally demon things floating around it invisibly disrupting things.

Good thing Dante is back with a new haircut to  take care of those things. We even throw in a little menu surfing to show off the upgrade system and a cut scene or two to help you out with the story. Enjoy.

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