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Desktop Dumpsters: This Desk Organizer Can Take All Your Crap

Admit it: your desk looks like a hurricane went through it and you're too lazy to pick up the pieces and start cleaning up. So own up to it. Embrace how much of a mess you are and just get one of these Desktop Dumpsters and get rid of all your crap, once and for all.

If you can't get yourself to do it, then repeat this mantra: There is no space for trash in my life. There is also no space for a girl on my table if I don't get rid of all my crap.

Got it? Good. I find that it works, every single time. Each of these Desktop Dumpsters are  cut and welded from 16-gauge recycled steel. They weight nine pounds and have a payload of about 200 pounds, so that's not too shabby. It's strong and sturdy, and for some reason, it's also bulletproof. After they're formed, each Dumpster is painted, distressed, and 'vandalized' with all sorts of graffiti to differentiate it from the rest and transform it into a usable work of art.

Gear Up: $100 to $250

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