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Cyberpunk 2077 Opens Our Eyes and Sensors with New Trailer (VIDEO)

We're simple people around here. Yes, simple in that we don't have much brainpower to apply to complex problems. But also simple in that all it took was a glimpse at the image of a hot women with robotic arms sticking out of her real arms to focus our attention on Cyberpunk 2077. Apparently this upcoming indie game is based on a pen-and-paper RPG universe and, usually, that's a string of words that would have me running in the opposite direction of my computer screen. Again, though, this one is cause for an exception because this particular young woman is a psychotic half-human, half-mechanical organism and, to top it off, she might be dreaming her whole existence. Or maybe we are. Or maybe you are. That's how things work in the world of Cyberpunk 2077....maybe. We're late getting up on this one but we're going to chase this sucker down and see where it leads.

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