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Crysis 3 Gets Fashionable with Fresh Nanosuits and Beta Date

On January 29, Crysis 3 will open up its two week multiplayer beta for the masses to get a sample of what this game has to offer and, of course, give the game makers time to evaluate, tweak and enhance elements of the game. The beta is showing off two environments --Airport and Museum-- and will feature the highly anticipated Crash Site gameplay mode. Up to twelve players jump into a game but two of them are are hunters with cloaking abilities armed with bows while the remaining ten are "evil" CELL troopers. When a hunter takes down a CELL trooper, that fallen trooper will respawn as a hunter with the bow and cloaking ability and he now has to hunt down the remaining CELL troopers. We've seen this dynamic game type before in zombie games usually, and this idea of switching sides depending on how well one plays the game keeps things exciting for sure. The abilities that come with being a hunter mean you're gaining cloaking and bow hunting while losing whatever weapon loadouts you had as a CELL trooper. To fully enjoy this game mode you have to develop a wide variety of skills with all weapon sets and nanosuit configurations.

We'll have much more on Crysis 3 soon because we owe this game a clear look after doing so much to tie its marketing to the late 90s documentary "American Pimp."

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