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Craigslist Ads By Creepers: Star Trek Lady Role-Players Wanted and Other Creepy Listings

If you can't find it on eBay, then you'll probably find it on Craigslist. But job listings and stuff for sale isn't the only thing you'll find in the latter; aside from the usual ads, you'll also come across several posts by trolls, by pranksters, or a serious creeper.

The latest example is this Craigslist listing of a dude looking for a couple of ladies to dress up as characters from Star Trek so they all can do some serious role-playing in the dude's garage. He's quick to assure everyone that there isn't going to be any nudity or "touching" (good gracious!) but the thing is, he's not going to be paying anyone in cash. Instead, he explains that he's got a prescription pad and that he'll pay any takers by writing them a prescription to anything they could possibly want.

It doesn't get any creepier than that--but it does. The guy also adds that if things go well, his mom might make lunch. Uh, yeah, okay, as if that changes anything.

Like we said, he's not the first one to post something that sounds completely absurd on Craigslist and you'll see more of them in the gallery above.

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