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Coin Guitar Picks: Now You Can Play For Change, With Change

Nothing would go perfectly wiell with the 'starving artist' image that you're trying to project than these coin guitar picks. I mean, how often can you play for some spare change with actual change? Probably not very often.

These unique and handmade picks are fashioned from--you guessed it--actual coins. They've available in a bunch of denominations, from gold dollars to silver quarters and silver half dollars. The coins aren't the usual change you'll find in circulation, either, since they're pretty unique in their own right. The rarer the coin, the pricier the pick, although I'm sure that it won't affect your playing in any way.

You can buy the picks of your choice one by one or take the plunge and buy a set of three at once.

Take Your Pick: $10 to $35

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